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Video Stream working on all browsers and devices !

Hi there people,

I got asked a lot to fix the video player.
Finally I found a player that actually works fine with our streaming platform.
I’ve had to use some little bug fixes for FireFox, as this was a “resizing” problem, but working now.

If you still have issues, please let me know in this post, thanks !

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      • So, based off what I read in the title and what I read in the article, I should be able to go to this site on my iPad and stream any video I like?

        Registered On Saturday May 31st, 2014
        • Yes, our streams are in HLS format, which is made by Apple.
          It should work fine on a iPad, I just tested it on one.

          Registered On Sunday July 15th, 2012
      • The website does not work on my iPad at all. I have two massive boxes, one on either side of my screen (a “upcoming h-calander” and ero-store banner down the left half of my screen, and the “search box” down the right half of my screen, covering the main site. I cannot click on or play any content due to the massive banners covering everything?

        I’ve tried the safari browser and the sky fire browser on my iPad…?

        Registered On Saturday July 5th, 2014
        • That is not the streaming player.
          You might want to let darling know about this.
          The video player window works fine, and the player itself works too (i’ve tested it on various iPad and iOS versions).
          That’s just the advertisement that is troubling.

          Registered On Sunday July 15th, 2012

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