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Status Update, August 23rd

So, it would seem that a few people are slightly confused as to why videos are currently unavailable and there are no new shows for you all to “enjoy”. The reason behind this is because our file server (this is the computer that is responsible for sending the videos to your browsers) is currently in the process of being rebuilt and moved to a new datacenter.

Everyone’s favorite server operator Power2All has already got the physical server assembled and ready and the contract with the new hosts signed, all we are waiting on now is for him to receive the access keys and install the server. Not only are we getting a more powerful server so that everyone can stream the videos much more smoothly be we have also overhauled the software that we run on it, such as a faster transcoder for converting the files when both I and Deafboy91 upload the shows to the fileserver and a shiny new web interface meaning that we can get the shows out that little bit faster :)

Anyway while Power’s working on the server the rest of the staff are still working on getting shows ready to release and working on various other aspects of the site.

Tl;dr working on the new server, new shows ready, staff are doing things and content should be resuming shortly.
– with love DeltaByte
p.s. happy birthday to DADesu, who is now even more of an old man.

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