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Sore Demo Tsuma o Aishiteru Sore Demo Tsuma o Aishiteru 03


Translator – Chris

Timing – Azash0

Typesetting – Darling

Editing – Sparx

QC – Darling

Encoding – Nawking

Distro – Server

Special Thanks – To everyone who donates to keep us going, we really appreciate it!

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      • Fucking NTR…. seriously

        Thanks for the release, hope to see some vanilla soon :)

        Registered On Thursday December 1st, 2011
      • NTR all the way! I love them. :D Thanks for it!

        Registered On Thursday October 4th, 2012
      • Don’t cheat on your wife, even if she’s a whore who has done it countless time with other men; or else….Anyway thanks for the upload and the hard work guys. I’ve waited so long for this to be subbed and i haven’t laugh like that for a very long time, i mean it’s so ridiculous. How could this poor Shuishi could not recognize his wife’s voice moaning next to him? How could Nanami no telling anything to the guy she has married? It must be a joke, NTR cannot harm me anymore. :)

        Registered On Wednesday October 3rd, 2012
      • *LOL* Isn’t Shouko a cross-over from Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake? Man, and just like that one, this series’ third episode is also disconnected from the second episodes? What is Cotton Doll doing *LOL*

        Registered On Tuesday February 28th, 2012
      • Maybe NTR but no rage here dickhead got what he deserve cheating on his wife. two wrong don’t make right but this case lol.

        Registered On Wednesday October 23rd, 2013
      • you guys are amazing ..thx for this..

        Registered On Wednesday April 9th, 2014
      • Where can I get the 8bit torrent?

        Registered On Tuesday June 18th, 2013

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