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Server Maintenance, July 2016

Hey all,

Just a notice that we are planning a re-installation of the virtual environment which this site is hosted on this week. This means that the server will be down for at least a whole day, that is what Power2All is aiming for.

One of the main changes is we are switching out XenServer for ProxMox, as P2A feels that XenServer is now becoming slightly obsolete. Other changes include minor alterations, that while have been causing issues, we felt them too minor to bother repairing, thanks to doing a complete re-installation everything should be configured correctly this time. These changes in repairs should lead to far greater reliability and performance of our website as a whole.

At present we are aiming to complete this maintenance on either Today (Monday 4th) or tomorrow, this is so the work is carried out ASAP.

Thank you for your continued patience, the SubDESU team.

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