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Natsu Yasumi Natsu Yasumi! 01


Translator – Chris

Translation Check – LonerPrime

Timing – KrauserII

Typesetting – Krauserll

Editing – Pyxie

QC – LonerPrime

Encoding – KrauserII

Distro – Server

Special Thanks – Specially dedicated to the female hentai fan-base cause they have a thing for yaoi like we men have a thing for yuri. So power to you guys.

| Released in Japan on 31.01.2013 | | | |
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      • Packin’ Heat!

        Registered On Friday February 17th, 2012
      • ….my penis is confused.

        Registered On Wednesday January 9th, 2013
      • Thanks! :)

        Registered On Thursday October 4th, 2012
      • I must thank you guys immensly for this one. AWESOME!! I pray there will be a sequal to this. And hope you doing more related stuff too. :)


        Registered On Saturday February 9th, 2013
      • So glad I looked at the tags. Thanks for the warning guys.

        Registered On Wednesday December 12th, 2012
        • I did watch this after I made my comment. Sometimes my taste for the strange gets me to do things I normally wouldn’t.
          The girl/guy w/ the dick. When you first see her/him, you are taken back by appearance. Attractive would be my first comment. The normal guy well, he was average.
          When you first see her/his chest you have to wonder (no tits). As it goes along there are a couple of parts that (after reading the tags) you hear her/his voice change and you wonder for a moment.
          The BJ scene was normal for an H. When you see his/her dick that’s when you start to get weird. Thing is, if you watch Futa like I have you still have to wonder if it’s a hermaphrodite. I’ve seen some futa where the girl looks more like a guy than this guy/girl.
          I’m not sure if I would want a sequel to this. I’m not sure I really “Want” to know if this is a guy or girl. I’m not sure how I would really rate this considering it’s tagged as Yaoi. I watched one vid that had Yaoi in it (and it wasn’t tagged) and I almost got sick (not my thing). This one though……

          Registered On Wednesday December 12th, 2012
      • That guy juz got trolled big time

        Registered On Thursday June 23rd, 2011
      • Damn….. It’s a trap!

        Registered On Thursday September 13th, 2012
      • I wonder if that person is a “hermaphrodite”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermaphrodite

        Registered On Sunday February 10th, 2013
      • DAMN… Now she is carrying the big gun… MAJOR TROLLS

        Registered On Wednesday October 3rd, 2012
      • The way they handled the plot and considering they involved Po-Ju in character design, I would
        place my money on this having a continuation.

        Registered On Wednesday October 3rd, 2012
      • let me see. what’s that?

        Registered On Thursday July 19th, 2012
        • [www]
          February 10th, 2013 10:27

        When i see it, Why its not wet Trolololol, Then oww ITs a D***

        Registered On Thursday January 1st, 1970
      • IT’S THE FIRST EVER YAOI TRAP RELEASE (i believe). I hope it’s good.

        Registered On Monday February 11th, 2013
        • It’s a trap release by us, sure. But the first ever? I doubt it. There are others like Boku no Pico and Shounen Maid Kuro-kun.

          Registered On Friday February 17th, 2012
      • One has to wonder, if I choose to watch this, and I somehow enjoy it, would that make me gay (O.O )?

        Registered On Monday November 28th, 2011
        • I doubt it… If these were 2 guys getting it on manly style and then you fap, then yes you are gay. But if you were attracted to the dude because he was in a dress, acting like a girl and looks like one as well and then you fap… well it’s just Japanese way of addressing “love” I say. So if you end up fapping to it then I doubt you are gay. You just got trolled by a penis on a girl.

          Registered On Friday February 17th, 2012

        Registered On Monday November 5th, 2012
        • u make soo much sense and i lawled when i saw this……. that is all.

          still contemplating if i should watch it… hmmmmmm you know what idc

          Registered On Saturday July 21st, 2012
      • I knew it she was armed…. Cheers guys

        Registered On Monday November 21st, 2011
      • I actually liked this one and I’m not into Yaoi, I’m a fan of Futanari so this was almost like watching one, you just have to remember that the voice for the pantie boy is actually a girl so.. And also great animation which is very scarce in Hentai.

        Registered On Friday August 12th, 2011
        • [www]
          February 13th, 2013 20:07

        I’d take it. I’d give it. I’d suck it.

        Registered On Thursday January 1st, 1970
      • I don’t know what to say… I guess.. Thank you for the warning. lol

        Registered On Thursday October 25th, 2012

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