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Nadeshiko Alice (撫子アリス)

Nadeshiko Alice is the mascot character for SubDESU and the Ero Japan brand. Alice is half Japanese and half American. She is a cool looking girl who, despite here naughty and charming looks, is very innocent and friendly to everyone she meets.


Name: Nadeshiko Alice
Reading: 撫子アリス
Pronunciation: Nah-day-she-ko Ah-re-su
Birthday: October 25th
Height: 161cm
3 sizes: B83cm W55cm H83cm
Age: Sweet 16
Blood type: ABO (It is a weird blood type, so we call it "TheUnknown")
  • First born.
  • Honest and speaks her mind.
  • She acts cool most of the time, but can be shy at times, then flirtatious at times too.
  • She takes on the role of the big sister (Onee-chan) very well.
  • She acts naive but is very bright and might be called a geek if she did not always try to hide it.
  • No romantic interests yet.
  • Hobby is cosplaying, hanging out with her friends and watching anime and hentai.
  • Interests are based on anything Anime related and the Japanese culture.
  • Spoken languages are Japanese, English and has started to learn French and Chinese.
  • Her goal is to learn everything about the Japanese culture, mostly what makes Japan sexy, ranging from clothing, style, food and the ecchi stuff. She also wants to learn every language in the world. _-_
You can also find Alice-chan on our pages on DeviantArt, Pinterest, and Instagram.    


Important: We're accepting arts of her from artist out there. All arts will be publish on the site with links to the artist sites or pages so people can view their other works. Just drop us a link to the art in the comments here or email it to us at [email protected] after you're done, please.

And if it's good enough, we will use them on our T-shirts and other secret stuff that we have in store for you guys. Expect more from SubDESU in the days ahead. :P


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