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A lot of people have a lot on their minds. Before you decide to ask directly we recommend reading below first. Good chance you might find the answer you need explained in detail.

Q & A

Question: *Thanks for the last release! What else do you have planned?*

Answer: Our sensitive data now can be viewed by the public on the Suggestions page. Please note that this page does not contain our specially chosen hentai projects which we plan to release. These projects mostly consists of classic hentais that have been requested by popular demand and might be randomly released by us.

Question: *My videos aren't playing properly! Help?*

Answer: Depending on your program, fixes differ greatly, however it is usually Codec issues. If you wish to resolve the issue on your current media player, we cannot help with something we aren't familiar with. However, we can point you in the right direction if you wish to get a new program to play such files. First uninstall ALL codecs packs: CoreAVC, K-lite, Haali, Matroska Pack, Codec Pack All in, ffdshow, XP Codec Pack etc. you might have on your system. Use this to make sure that your system is clean of any pre existing codecs.

Your first option: => Media Player Classic Home Cinema + MadVR: The latest in animated porn-watching technology. Excellent guide here, courtesy of Coalgirls. [Only Recommended if you are an expert and tech savy] Your second option: => Install CCCP from here and you will get Media Player Classic Home Cinema bundled with it. Here is a step by step guide. Best and the easiest solution if you don't like to do things the hard way/newb.
Your third option: => Kawaii Codec Pack. An experimental codec pack that has been well received during it's initial release. It's quite easy to handle and many like it's smooth interface as well. Here is a direct link to try it out yourself: KCP
Windows => Media Player Classic, KMPlayer. For standalone options that don't require the hassle of installing codecs before hand, VLC Player and Daum Pot Player are recommended. Mac OS => VLC and MPlayer. Linux => VLC.

Question: *Lately I have been hearing about Hi10p. What's that?*

Answer: In really basic terms, more data is used to define color which means there is less banding for a smaller file size. It's an H.264 profile which uses 10 bits of information to represent color. It's a huge improvement because there is less file size, which in the long run saves bandwidth. So in simple words, More quality with smaller size.


:: Significantly higher compression ratios resulting in vastly decreased file sizes. In return, a huge amount of bandwidth is saved. :: Far more information is preserved from the original, removing such issues as banding and poor detail in dark scenes. :: Less things for the encoder to worry about.


:: Slower decoding and encoding. :: No support for DXVA or CUDA as of writing. :: Slight compatibility issues with older devices during playback.

Question: *I hate 10 bit. I only want 8 bit!*

Answer: Times are changing. We recommend you adapt as well. Its not like we are gonna throw away 8 bit immediately. In-fact we release 10 bit for DVD/BD releases only, for now that is. Otherwise we stick to 8 bit for share-raws /weekly releases, but how long will this last, we cannot guarantee. Any decent 5 to 8 year old tech is more than capable of running any 10 bit release. Contrary to popular belief its rarely the hardware that is at fault for not being able to play 10 bit content, its mostly the bad software configuration. Stop believing blindly and start reading carefully on how to install proper codecs on your system.

Question: *Will there by an XviD release for your hentai titles?*

Answer: Short Answer? No. Please do not ask either. We are slowly in the process of waning out XviD from our anime releases as well. It's happening slowly but surely.

Question: *I see double releases of the same hentai. Though one has DVD tag in the title and one does not. I am confused!*

Answer: Do not fret. Allow us to explain. When a fresh title is released, we at SubDesu try to look for the original DVD first. Our foremost goal is to provide our viewers with the best quality, but unfortunately that is not possible all the time, so in the interest of providing timely entertainment we grab something that is called a "share-raw". This is an initial video rip of the original DVD/another source, done by some random person and uploaded to the internet without any translations of any kind, and we try to clean/improve it up as much as possible on our own end and then release it with our subtitles. Unfortunately, hentai share-raw is in poor quality most of the time so we only do 8 bit version. Now if you see a DVD tag in one of our titles, REJOICE! Yes because this means we got our hands on a DVD and we encoded it in the most crisp quality for your fapping pleasure. The difference is noticeably superior video in comparison to the share-RAW and whats more...we even do a 10 bit version of such releases which only enhances your viewing pleasure! Eventually we try to knock out the share raw post from our release list if we have released the title in DvD rip but sometimes it just skips our mind. So a rule of thumb, better got for the one with "DvD" tagged on it. For more information on 10 bit please read above.

Question: *So can you explain a bit about the new "Upcoming/Calendar" tab?*

Answer: The new tab has been added for fans here to keep them in loop on what is about to get released in Japan for the particular month. That is in no way any kind of estimate timings for us to getting the subbed version out so please do not misunderstand it and then going ninja on our asses under the wrong idea.

Question: *Who's the leader of this section?*

Answer: Our members specialize in various areas, and are crucial to the functionality of this section. Please refer to the Staff section for a full list.

Question: *Your releases are awful! Why do you guys suck so much?*

Answer: It's because your mom is busy doing something else! Right, now that we have demonstrated how we react to rude buggers, if you have any complaints please feel free to post constructive criticism on relevant releases. If you wish to really get us to improve, why don't you join us?

Question: *You are awfully slow?! WTF!*

Answer: And your point is? If you say this while knowing fully well that the staff that manages hentais is the same one that manages animes, then really there is no excuse for your trolling. Otherwise if you did not know that and now that you do, please understand that the only thing that stops us from releasing something on time is the lack of staff due to unforeseeable reasons. Otherwise subbing is where we all basically live here.

Question: *So, where do I join?*

Answer: You should read this on the job page.

Question: *I want to donate some money, can I do so?*

Answer: Of course you can! We need some sort of cash to keep the bots and servers running, so anything you give us will help on those fronts. You can donate by clicking on our friendly donate girl, or download our releases from DDL hosts such as Uploaded/Depositfiles. Unfortunately, due to recent filehost shutdowns, we have had to implement some ads, so please understand that they're only there so that we can continue sharing these shows with you.

Question: *So, I was wondering if you could sub a certain episode... Uncle Tony will give you something for your hard work, yes?*

Answer: Sorry, we try not to take bribes, however we will take suggestions and decide accordingly depending on the amount of staff and time we have. Although we obviously can't stop you from donating to our group in general.

Question: *Can you release uncensored hentai, please?*

Answer: Under the Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan, any distribution or publicly displaying anything considered ‘obscene’, which includes genitalia, is illegal. If such regulations were to be breached, the makers could face prosecution, therefore, the availability of such uncensored goodness is rare. However, if we have the option, we will undoubtedly do uncensored versions. In some very rare cases, an ONA release may be uncensored, in which case we'll totally do that one.

Question: *Hey, could you guys release so and so? Sub so and so! Etc.*

Answer: We only have a few active translators right now, so we can't afford to take on every single show that every single person wants. Right now, we're doing what we want to do, and we're picking up anything that really catches our interest - if we have some time we'll try to fit in some suggestions.

Question: *How do I add an avatar picture to my comments?*

Answer: Visit Gravatar and upload a picture of your choice to your assigned email address! That way, it can be seen on Wordpress forums and other places where it's enabled.

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