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Arubaito Shiyo!! ~Oneesan Tsumeawase~ 01

Ep 1 - Hara Sayuri is a student who lives alone in a cheap apartment. In order to earn money to pay the rent, she holds a number of part-time jobs. Today, she is washing the upper windows of a building. Coincidentally, she finds herself cleaning the windows of the office in which her elder brother is working. However, when she calls out to him, she sees him get an erection! Seeing that, Sayuri removes her clothes and proceeds to strike provocative poses...

Ep 2 - Kagurazaka Fumina is a cosplay-lover and works part-time for a maid service. Today, she has been working since morning for her new master. Cooking, laundry, and cleaning. While tidying up, she is suddenly assaulted from behind by the master! Although she tries to resist, she gets turned on when he massages her big breasts. Finally, from behind...

Ep 3 - Since graduating from university, Oshikiri Momoka has been working as a home tutor. One day, she falls asleep while tutoring a cute boy. Seeing her like that arouses his sexual desires. When Momoka realises, she slowly removes her clothing, and the lesson on becoming an adult begins!

Episode 01-03 | Released in Japan on 19.04.2010 | 18+ | 21:25 | |
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      • oh sexy, thank you guys! :)

        Registered On Sunday May 15th, 2011
      • Ah..finally, the unsubbed Shiyo series is subbed. Just want to remind everyone (again), If Ran-Sem v2 patch is already out. Prepare for ep2 on 24th this month!!

        Registered On Saturday May 28th, 2011
        • little question from a just nice H-anime watcher. how are the work from the patch of v2 that ? :confuse:

          Registered On Sunday May 15th, 2011
          • Have you read How to Patch.txt that I’ve put inside the .rar? Just insert Ran-Sem 01v2.xdelta file into patch box, insert old release file into source file & just make a new name file in the output file box…then press the patch button. Simple & no sweat at all^^;

            Registered On Saturday May 28th, 2011
            • actually I haven’t download the patch of v2 so firstly I wanna question of that :P

              thx for information ^^

              Registered On Sunday May 15th, 2011
      • The Desu group does it again! Thanks so much for this awesome release guys. This and Bakuny? BOMB are by far my favorite ChiChi No Ya h-animes, and you already knocked one of them out!

        Registered On Tuesday June 7th, 2011
      • This is called Let’s Arbeit (or something) in English right? I’m just wondering since i have a raw and wasn’t sure if i’ve seen this already

        Registered On Friday June 3rd, 2011
        • Yes, It’s true. Many raws use that name in their release. We use Japanese name of it, Arubaito in JP mean part time job in many ways.

          Registered On Saturday May 28th, 2011
      • Ya I think so, am still not sure if we named it well… :D

        Registered On Sunday November 28th, 2010
      • A quetsion guys what is the new CRC for V2 Ran->Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira Tori? is it the same one “5fe9c4bc” ?

        Registered On Sunday May 15th, 2011
        • I don’t think there wouldn’t be needed new CRC. Just apply the patch & save the new one. It’s fix fonts problem, add SD-H logo, & little change on there and there. The video & audio is the same as before. Only the subs style & attachment is change.

          Registered On Saturday May 28th, 2011
          • Oke i will just use the old one then :)

            Registered On Sunday May 15th, 2011
            • Well, It’s up to you but I’ll have to remind you that I will use the new subtitle styles which inside v2 into episode 2 in next week release. So If you want to have the same styles between ep 1 & 2, you should apply v2 patch.

              Registered On Saturday May 28th, 2011
              • hehe i think you missunderstood me mate :) i have already patched it to v2 and just put the crc on that ;)

                Registered On Sunday May 15th, 2011
        • The CRC of the v2 is d84a6347.

          Registered On Sunday May 29th, 2011
      • thx, SD-H ;)

        add to my download queue :D

        Registered On Sunday May 15th, 2011
      • thanx guys for the release and a special thanx to ingrid00 for the ran-sem v2 patch the subtitles now are clearer and smaller two :D

        Registered On Sunday May 15th, 2011
        • Yeah, It’s bothering me with the styles too. That way should be more fit with the title. Anyway, you’re welcome…

          Registered On Saturday May 28th, 2011
      • Thanks for this. BTW does anyone know how to convert mkv to mp4 with subs? Seems Total Video Converter won’t work for all videos in here. I wanna watch em in my PSP for “You know What” reasons.

        Registered On Wednesday June 15th, 2011
      • Love this series :)

        Registered On Monday May 30th, 2011
      • onee-san always welcome :D

        Registered On Monday May 30th, 2011
      • Just got around to watching this and it was pretty good. Thanks guys :)

        Registered On Wednesday February 23rd, 2011

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