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Hentai Akebi no Hana: Maho Ep 01 DvDRip

Based on the doujin of Sankaku Apron (doujin circle of Sanbun Kyouden). Naoki, in search of employment, leaves Tokyo for his hometown. Upon his arrival, he is greeted warmly by old friends. Amongst them is childhood friend and lover Miho. At first glance, it seems as if she hadn't changed since the day when she had tearfully seen Naoki off to college. Unfortunately, all is not well beneath the surface...

Episode 01 | Released in Japan on 15.04.2011 | 18+ | 27:01 | |
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      • Same as “Yama Hime no Hana” allready posted on this site. Also some of the most angering NTR in existance so watch in anger lol.

        Registered On Sunday February 5th, 2012
        • Surely you jest! This adaptation is simply… disastrous! While most of the anime adaptations of Sanbun’s works simply failed to bring out the same ultra stimulating and rage-inducing sensation of the original works, this one actually redefined what it means to screw the source material over.
          *SPOILER STARTS*

          The male lead actually got to do it with female lead and her friend! That’s way too much of a consolation for an anime adaptation of Sanbun’s works.

          *SPOILER ENDS*
          I’ve never seen a worse anime adaptation of Sanbun’s works up until now.

          @Staff of Subdesu-H
          As much as I despite this blasphemous reject, I am very grateful for all the time and efforts you have put into bringing this out the community. Please, do keep up the good works, as they are very much appreciated by me and every one else here.

          Registered On Tuesday February 28th, 2012
      • Guys come on 10bit put the 8bit please

        Registered On Monday February 27th, 2012
      • lol i have read worse this do not come close to true blue, or any of nagare ippon work

        Registered On Saturday August 13th, 2011
        • As far rage-inducing goes, I personally regard Sanbun’s NTR-related works to be on the same level as Nagare’s works (only the manga though, not the anime adaptations, as those are jokes, and bad ones at that.) In some occasions though, I do find Nagare’s artwork to be more… stimulating (gotta love those overly exaggerated ahegao.) That said, they both have their ups and downs, and their “vanilla” works are both boring as hell.

          By the way, while I do think True Blue was decent though… but just wasn’t really quite there yet (but definitely is better than this.)

          Registered On Tuesday February 28th, 2012
          • i am sorry but can some one tell me how the hell you can fap to some one taking a guys girl from them. unless you get off on the hole pussy is pussy and if you can not keep your girl its your own fault then more power to you but my boner leaves every time i read ntr.

            but what realy gets to me is 3 things

            1. why the hell does the main char all have a 3in or smaller dick. they never have some one with a big one get there girl taken would like to see them write about that no wait they can not becase why would she leave

            2 the male lead never gets to take revenge or get to kick the guys ass or get a new girl. its all way they either cry.jak off or both

            3 when the guy see he girl geting fucked they just sit there. i know it henti but some stuff is just 2 stupid to just let go no man and i mean no man is just going to sit there and watch that

            ok rant done sorry if i wrong to long

            Registered On Saturday August 13th, 2011
            • NTR is meant to piss you off, IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. So you either have to be into those crazy masochistic stuffs or not taking the story too seriously if you want to enjoy it, and the latter applies to me.
              -The guy is a pathetic walking piece of shit.
              -The girl is a walking sex toy.
              -The attacker is a boring walking dick.
              (Hell, that’s exactly how they’re all designed to be.)
              As long that I have those ideas wrap around my head, I can enjoy any NTR I like. Any rage-inducing moment from that point on will only helps spice up the pleasure.

              Either way, you can’t possibly apply how you would react to the issue in real world to a piece of fiction. If it pisses you off, or you find it so screwed up, just laugh at it. Putting yourself into the guy’s shoes won’t do you any good. *Sigh* I remember vomiting in disgust after watching the first NTR in a very serious manner (back then, I wanted to fully understand the story of every single show I watch. Fatal mistake…)

              Registered On Tuesday February 28th, 2012
              • good point and i try to look at that way i just hate the fact that you can read like a vanilla manga or henti get you fap on and move on but a ntr just stays with you for hours making you think what the f did i just read. if it did not do that to me i would read more of them but i do not want be thinking about it for the next 2 hours after words :(

                Registered On Saturday August 13th, 2011
              • Just stick with the vanilla, and don’t bother with the NTR-related stuffs again. If you can stay away, then do so. The only reason I even need to come up a with such a way for viewing these stuffs in first place, is because I can’t keep away. Watching these things for long period of time will definitely have a negative effect your mind.

                Registered On Tuesday February 28th, 2012
      • i hate ntr but after reading the manga the guy left for all most a year there no way she was not going to fuck some one else

        Registered On Saturday August 13th, 2011
      • Thanks! :D

        Registered On Saturday November 26th, 2011
      • Oh hell yeah, a high quality of some good stuff! NTR?! So what? I’ve gotten used to that a long time ago!

        Registered On Monday February 14th, 2011
      • NTR.I think almost 90%+ hentai lovers must have hated this particular genre the first time they laid eyes on it. It gets you angry and for some reason since it has sexual factor in it, it tends to linger in your mind more than a normal hentai does. I guess its the guilt + erotic combination that messes up your whole train of thought. I remember the first time when I saw it and hated it and for some reason I just wanted to see it again and again.
        The hentai was Hitou Meguri. At first I thought I was fucked up in the head and that I had actually found out that something as sick as this gets me off. But with time and watching more hentais from the same genre I came to a realization… it wasn’t all NTR that were appealing to me. In fact only a handful like Hitou Meguri, Pet Life and two or three more were the only ones that had me addicted. This is where I found out that it wasn’t the genre that was appealing but the fact that the studios had done an outstanding job in creating the sex scenes in such sensual/”different than usual hentai” manner that I got hooked to it. NTR like this one or Kanojo ga Mimai ni Konai Wake doesn’t even phase me anymore. I just put the video in fast forward and if the translation is bugging me I switch off the subtitles as well.

        Registered On Friday February 17th, 2012
      • Please post releases as 8 bit. So many people appear to have issues with the 10 bit releases. I have 8 different pieces of software to view these movies and the 10 bit releases do not work with any of them. I have never had a problem with the 8 bit releases. Please give us a break.

        Registered On Monday March 5th, 2012
        • I know this is an old post but seriously? Even a 5 year old decent PC can play 10 bit if configured properly. Stop trying to push back development. 10 bit is the future and 8 bit release is a courtesy by subgroup . Get on the train or get left behind. Choice is yours.

          Registered On Friday February 17th, 2012
      • 8bit version added for this too. :D

        Registered On Sunday November 28th, 2010

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